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Dr. Allison Harris

Illinois State University Physics

About Us

Physics is everywhere. It's in everything we do. If you want to know something about the natural world, physics has the answers. 

Our group probes the inner workings of atoms and the brain through computational research in atomic collisions, ultrafast physics, and neuroscience.  

We use high performance computing and physics to answer questions such as: 

"How do electrons move in and around atoms?

"How do twisted light and twisted matter interact?"

"What cellular mechanisms cause and contribute to migraines?"

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Recent Publications

A complete list of our publications is available on Google Scholar.

[40] Spectral Phase Pulse Shaping Reduces Ground State Depletion in High Order Harmonic Generation, J. Aygun, C. G. Buitrago, M. F. Ciappina, and A. L. Harris, submitted J. Phys. B., 21 December 2023.

[39] A Data-Driven Machine Learning Approach for Estimating Electron-Molecule Ionization Cross Sections, A. L. Harris and J. Nepomuceno, accepted J. Phys. B, 23 January 2024. 

[38] Controlling electron projectile coherence effects using twisted electrons A. L. Harris, Phys. Rev. A 108, 062810 (2023).

[37] Projectile coherence effects in twisted electron ionization of helium A. L. Harris, Atoms 11, 79 (2023).

[36] Spectral Phase Effects in High-Order Above Threshold Ionization A. L. Harris, J. Phys. B, 56 095601 (2023).

[35] The dynamic range of voltage-dependent gap junction signaling is maintained by Ih-induced membrane potential depolarization W. Stein, M. L. DeMaegd, L. Y. Braun, A. Vidal-Gadea, A. L. Harris, and C. Staedele, J. Neurophysiology 127, 776 (2022).

[34] Interneuronal dynamics facilitate the initiation of spike block in cortical microcircuits W. Stein and A. L. Harris, J. Comp. Neuroscience 50, 275 (2022). 

[33] Electron Spectra for Twisted Electron Collisions A. Plumadore and A. L. Harris, J. Phys. B 54, 235204 (2021). 

[32] Single and Double Scattering Mechanisms in Ionization of Helium by Electron Vortex Projectiles A. L. Harris, J. Phys. B 54, 155203 (2021). 

[31] Control of Arrival Time using Non-Gaussian Wave Packets T. A. Saxton and A. L. Harris, Phys. Lett. A 388, 127038 (2021).